At the beginning of each month, we will deposit 50 “Chef Lucas” points in the accounts of our pediatric cancer food members. Families use points to purchase meal-kits in the Chef Lucas Store free-of-charge during their child’s treatments. Menus update once a week on Sundays and are due by Wednesday at 8 p.m each week. Families may redeem their points for meal-kits any week they wish. Members may bank up to 150 points in their accounts as a means to balance challenging treatment schedules. After that, the point system is use or lose.

Our purpose and joy is to ease the burden of our member families during their hour of need. Check back in the coming months to see new ways families may earn points for redeeming in the Chef Lucas store.  — Bon Appetit!

1. Proceed to the Chef Lucas Store (link in menu).

2. Select the meal-kit you are interested in.

3. After viewing the menu at our partner’s website, come back to the store and select the menu item you wish to order. Please note the limitation of Local Crate’s delivery area is currently Minnesota and Illinois. All else must use Home Chef (available to all states).



6. If you completed your profile, billing details should be autofilled – if a red star item is not filled in, please fill in. You will not need to fill in with future orders.

7. PAY WITH POINTS — please read the directions in that section carefully as it is a little tricky. Meal-kits are priced at $50. 1 point = $1. If you have a point balance, input 50 points and select APPLY POINTS.

8. PLACE ORDER (after points are applied, be sure to scroll to the bottom and place your order)

9. That’s it! — you will get an email confirmation of your order (give a few minutes and be sure to check your spam/junk folder in case it ends up there)


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at and we will be happy to help.

Coming soon!

Some times technology just doesn’t cooperate and gets a bit glitchy. If you did not get your points, or if you are finding things just aren’t working as they should in the store, please use our back up order form and we will place your order and deduct any points manually.